Getting prepared. Friday March 20th - Wednesday April 1st.

3 months 4 days ago #6998 by Kefie
    April 2nd will be an important time for the Caren. It is when the Sept moot will be held. Theurges perform great rites, Philodox attend to protocol and the "business" aspects of the gathering, Galliards organize the social and storytelling events, and Ahroun see to the defense of the assembly. Of course, Ragabash satirize foolish decisions, jape at pretentious elders, and taunt those who take themselves far too seriously. 

    The spiritual energies during this time is going to be dangerously high, warns Sadiki "Worlds-Walker". April 1st, at sunset, the catholics will begin their passover. Super charging the nearby towns of Liberal, Kansas and Amarillo, Texas which share lay lines with the caren ((If one has an occult rating of 3+ they can roll int + occ dif 8, 2 successes minimum to see if they grasp the context)).

    Sadiki curses his luck to all who will listen, especially Tuarai during his lessons, for Regulus is hounding him to delay his departure until after the moot. The closer it gets to his departure date, the more open Regulus' -and by extension his pack too- displeasure is; from pleadings for the greater good of Gaia to accusations of selfishness and dishonoring his role to Luna. It is never to the point of being hostile, but more like a brother or close cousin expecting more of you and being disappointed. ((If any of the players wish to take a side, they can roll either a Mani or Charisma + expression and give their view)).

    For the pack itself during these two weeks, training and studying is expected. Everyone will be getting 1 bonus xp to one of the combat abilities of your choice (athletics-dodging, brawl, melee, or even firearms). Regulus will be teaching what people call HEMA today, strong focus on European longsword style. Masha 'Long-Shot' will aid in an eclectic training of short firearm and longarm. Running-High-Staying-Low will be available to spar with, increasing athletics and getting pratice fighting in lupin form. Leon 'Two-Tone' will laugh or scoff at anyone asking him, or jest that, "his skills are not for beginners."

    Since Talia 'Word-Dancer' is taking up the fang daggers, she is forced to also take another bonus xp in melee. Everyone else can choose an attribute to practice during the time skip and gain 1 bonus xp to the chosen talent, skill, or knowledge.

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3 months 2 days ago #6999 by Webmaster
1. Tuari will spend the lion's share of the time working on Rituals and other spiritual dealings. Improving his standing with the denizens of the Umbra and learning what he can from his Ancestors. Perhaps he can even find out some information about the vision quest received by the previous pack.

2. He will also spend some time working on some basic ranged combat and survival skills. Preferring the bow and arrow over a firearm as it's a more traditional weapon of his people.

3. Tuari will also make it a point to participate in whatever training the others are participating in as he has time. He has a mental priority of which packmates he needs to spend time with - Silver Tongue, Silver Paw, Hunter Like Swift Wind, and Word Dancer. He has his reasonings for this order. He will also make it a point to work with the trainers to organize sessions where we're all working together as a pack. Give us time to learn each other's strengths and weaknesses. Assist each other in building up so those weaknesses aren't so great.

He will attempt to convince Sadiki to stay for the Moot as it is tradition for our kind to participate and as a skilled Theurge, his skills would be needed.
Cha + Expression: 8, 7, 10, 8, 9,

Int + Occult to see if he understands the ley line importance: 8, 4, 6, 10, 8, 2,

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3 months 1 day ago #7001 by Kefie
((For Tuari, you will gain 1 bonus xp for occult or rituals - your choice.))

Sadiki will take what you say to heart; it is the honest conviction in Tuari's voice, probably because of his age.

There are a plethora of different spirits in the caren. One of the guardian spirits, the ancestor spirit named Narbona will be hospitable towards you and guide you through the umbra during some of your time.

There are some shortbows that were left behind. Nothing to intricate, but serviceable. The best practice you will get will be going hunting for rabbit. None of the Burning Lions pack can assist you in archery.

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2 months 1 week ago #7008 by KosherPickleLuv
1. During her training time with Regulus, Talia will inquire about his clave, and happily listen to him go on about it in between getting trounced at dagger fighting.

2. Assuming that Talia is helping Leon with Galliard moot preparation, she will try to subtly squeeze a lesson or two from him (Man+Exp(oratory) 5, 9, 6, 7, 8, 2)

Talia does not know enough about ley lines, but will ask Sadiki (or Tuari if they happen to interact first) about it.

STR: The ability to crush a tomato
DEX: Dodging the juice from the tomato
CON: Enduring pain from tomato juice in the eye
INT: Knowing that a tomato is a fruit
WIS: Knowing not to put tomato in fruit salad
CHA: Convincing someone its a good idea anyways

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